Union Supports Gays, Gets Sued

April 21st, 2006

Crazy Woman Sues Union

Now this is odd. An Ontario woman is suing her union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, for supporting the federal same-sex marriage bill last year. Susan Comstock claims that by allocating some of her union dues to support social justice, her religious freedom was violated. The poor dear! Now she’s demanding that her union divert money to a charity of her choice (probably—but not necessarily—one that protects furry animals; it usually is).

As always, the anti-gay crazy is claiming not to be homophobic.

I am not homophobic. To me this was an instance where they had made a choice that gay rights were going to trump religious rights, and what’s more, they were doing it with my money.

I know how you feel, crazy woman. This one time, city council—using my tax dollars—decided to remove a dead tree on the street opposite my apartment window instead of fixing the pothole near the rear entrance. I was inconsolable! Do you think it’s too late to sue?