Homosexual Sex Marriage!

July 31st, 2006

Homosexual Sex Marriage

Retroactive SlapAh, Rob Anders. My former MP. Although he’s probably best known for being the sole dissenter in a vote to give Nelson Mandela, international hero, honorary Canadian citizenship (Anders said Mandela is a “communist and a terrorist”), I remember him for some equally baffling shenanigans.

Now how did it go again? Oh, yes! Anders used taxpayer money (rather than money from his party) to print flyers, emblazoned with a scary masked gunman, linking crystal meth usage and crime to—and I quote: “homosexual sex marriage.” Then he mailed them to constituents in another province!

Raymond Chan, the Liberal MP for that region, was confused why another MP was targeting his constituents with such a bizarre tactic.

They’re resorting to fear-mongering, if you look at the layout of this brochure. And also they’re so outrageous. [Sexual] orientation is not a crime since the ’70s.

Chan’s campaign office was just as confused.

It’s consistent with the concerns that some people have had with the social conservative agenda, coming out and talking about crime and throwing homosexuality into it.

Now, I can’t help but wonder what Anders thinks about heterosexual sex marriage? I wonder…