Justice: The Vic Toews Way!

July 7th, 2006

Justice Minister!

Conservative Justice Minister Vic Toews has blamed “the controversy” over same-sex marriage directly on the Liberals, saying that the equal marriage law “was politically motivated.” This, instead of, say, the natural progression of equality confirmed by multiple previous court rulings… But, regardless, you know what this means!

That’s right, folks! Vicky, who has been oddly silent about his normally hysterical opposition to equal marriage, is finally speaking out! I missed his antics so.

So what’s Vic’s latest Crazy Message of Yesteryear™? Basically, same-sex marriage is “a mistake” that the new conservative government needs to fix.

Oh, but, of course, simply revoking the equal marriage law wouldn’t be enough for Vicky, as the Supreme Court would ultimately rule in favour of equality. So, he has also called for parliament to use the obscure notwithstanding clause to override the 9 consecutive lower court decisions and any future ruling that would inevitably find opposite-sex-marriage-only laws to be unconstitutional.

Yep, that’s our new justice minister!

Courts are Wrong, Says Vicky

Hey… If Vic can become justice minister with that sort of ideology… Maybe I, Mark, über gay news reporter, can become Super Pope! I’ll scribble it onto my “give it a shot” list.