Radio Station Weds Two Straight Guys

September 25th, 2006

Radio Contest Same-Sex Wedding

DJ Paul Brown, of the Edmonton radio station The Bear, has arranged for two straight male strangers to marry on the air. The stunt is part of the station’s annual Really Tough contest, where people compete in “un-manly” challenges for a chance at a $40,000 top prize. (Incidentally, a coin toss was used to decide who had to wear a tuxedo, and who had to wear a bridal gown.)

Now, personally, I can’t help but chuckle. I mean, the two guys obviously had a blast with the stunt, and really, it’s far more of a knock against the classic “tough guy” image than anything else. (Definitely something one would expect from a morning radio show.) But, gee… How do you think the brilliant scribes at The Edmonton SUN are reporting this?

The mind boggles at how this loophole can be milked for more than a radio-station contest.

You’re an older unmarried guy or gal without a pension? Marry your older friend, and get spousal pension benefits. You’re a visitor and you want to stay in Canada? Marry another man and he can sponsor you as a family member.

Free vote coming up on same-sex marriage, parliamentarians.

Oh, yes, right; this brand new “loophole” is going to be horrendously exploited! Hurry, parliamentarians, while you still can, vote to revoke equal marriage rights! After all, before same-sex marriage was legal in Canada, it was absolutely impossible for two strangers to marry. And marrying for pension or citizenship? A concept surely never conceived before these gays came along.

This will be the first time I’ve explicitly written this in a post, but: Slap!