PQ Leader Chokes Up Over “Club of Fags” Comment

March 7th, 2007

A Club of Fags

André Boisclair, the openly gay leader of the Parti Québécois, became visibly upset this week after a local radio host called him and the PQ a “club of fags.”

“We must never live in a society where racism, intolerance, discrimination, sexism or homophobia are…” Boisclair started before he became too choked up to continue, drawing applause and support from his audience.

Louis Champagne, the radio host who made the offending comment, has not yet apologized for the remark and has been pulled from the air while the station investigates.

As for me, though I respectfully oppose the PQ’s separation platform, this new trend of publicly smearing gays (cough, Isaiah Washington, cough, Tim Hardaway, cough, Ann Coulter) is getting kind of tired. Creative consultants aren’t that expensive, are they?

I should probably also point out that the actual quote was “un club de tapettes,” which strikes me as slightly more derogatory, but I can’t draw a room full of flyswatter socialites, so you’ll have to suffer the English translation.

Well, until Friday, folks!