More Updates From The (Pink) Road

September 24th, 2007

Road Slap

Still on the road, kids! But here are some stories and updates that caught my eye:

Two high school students in Nova Scotia have turned their school into a sea of pink in support of a first-year student who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Hmm… I wonder if they’ll do anything about Nova Scotia’s other bully problem.

Speaking of Nova Scotia, a lesbian woman is suing the province for refusing to recognize her parental status of her partner’s newborn. Jamie O’Neill was told that she must adopt her son, born through invitro infertilization, because only one woman can be listed on the birth certificate. Luckily, after legal threat, the province seems to have re-considered.

Zesty’s, the Vancouver comedy club in which a comedian exploded into an anti-lesbian tirade, has been renamed. While owners say the name change has been underway for some time, it’s not a bad strategy! Michael Richards should take note.

Finally, an Australian lesbian couple is suing their fertilization clinic after they gave birth to twins instead of just a single child. Let that be a lesson to doctors: Don’t do your job too well!

Until Wednesday, kids!