Cambodian PM Publicly Disowns Lesbian Daughter

November 2nd, 2007

First Daughter

Here’s a tidbit delivered to recent school graduates by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday:

My daughter has married a woman. Now I just asked the court to cut her out of the family.

I was disappointed. I can educate an entire nation, but I cannot educate this adopted daughter.

How sweet of him to demonstrate unconditional love so succinctly.

Mr. Sen added that, while the media and educational forums taught him that it’s OK to be gay, when his daughter came out of the closet he “didn’t know what to do.” In Cambodian prime minister and nation-educator terms, that means “you’re outta the family!”

My thoughts are with the daughter—adopted daughter—during this no doubt painful experience. Everyone deserves love, and I’m happy she’s found it despite the cost. Keep that chin up, kiddo!

As for Mr. Sen… He obviously isn’t terrifically keen about the gays. I wonder how he feels about all those Cambodian babies adopted by gay couples everywhere. Though, from his personal record, I guess he doesn’t care about adopted babies that much.