Michael Coren Slams CBC “It Gets Better” Video

November 24th, 2010

Michael Coren declares: "Controversial Utterance."

Last week, CBC employees released their own contribution to the It Gets Better Project, encouraging bullied gay teens to stick through the tough years and reap the rewards that life offers afterwards. Like most contributions to the project, it’s heartwarming and very badly needed.

Not everyone seems to appreciate the sentiment, though. Sticking up for the bullies by being one himself, television commentator Michael Coren blasted the video, suggesting that gay teens aren’t more at risk for bullying than anyone else. Coren then picked on specific personalities in the video, calling Rick Mercer—a comedian whose lighthearted look at the news helped inspire this site—“pathetic” for sharing his story about a third-grade crush.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why is David Letterman bald and talking like Ann Coulter?

Not sure how to explain it myself, but it looks like this guy is just another commentator that relies on controversy to sustain a career. When Coren says stuff like gay Christians are “an oxymoron,” it makes for sensational copy, and some people get a kick out of seeing someone get away with saying their discriminatory leanings out loud. Let’s call it a CYST career: Eking a living out of the “Can You Say That?” reaction.

Coren likes having his CYST, and that’s alright. I like mocking his CYST. Though if it gets out of hand, he might want to get it checked.