And Now, Some Stupid Celebrity Homophobia

March 23rd, 2011

Victoria Jackson with a Glee "loser" sign over her head

Victoria Jackson, a comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni, had some not-so-nice things to say this week after watching an episode of Glee wherein two of the show’s gay characters finally got an on-screen kiss.

Gay affection (very much unlike its straight counterpart) is a rarity on primetime television, so I was happy to hear we got some representation last week. Jackson, though, was less pleased, calling the sweet scene “sickening” before spouting a bunch of stuff about muslims and Hollywood agendas that I don’t find particularly realistic or interesting.

Screeds like Victoria’s aren’t exactly rare, but hearing it come from a comedian without a wink or other hint at satire is bizarrely off-putting. I hadn’t heard about it before, but apparently Victoria has decided to join the PR nightmare that is faded-celebrity-turned-political-commentator, just like Ferris Bueller’s teacher and Sideshow Bob.

It’s disappointing, because I actually quite like Victoria. (UHF may not be high art, but its abundance of spatulas is something magical.)

Still, no matter who espouses them, views like Victoria’s are fast becoming those of a wacko minority.

Come around soon, Victoria. We’ll still vaguely remember you.