Thumbs Up To Equal Marriage From Australia’s Governing Party

December 7th, 2011

Crocodile Dundee waves a magic rainbow wand, shooting sparkles at a mugger. "That's not gay," he says. "THAT'S gay."

The Australian Labor Party officially adopted policies in support of full equal marriage rights for same-sex couples last week.

That’s an encouraging sign, certainly increasing the likelyhood of a successful same-sex marriage bill being introduced in parliament.

Canada’s governing Conservative party, incidentally, officially adopted an opposite policy during its last convention, supporting the revocation of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples in Canada. But, given Stephen Harper’s history of plagiaris—err… I mean, enthusiastic imitation—of Australian politicians, perhaps the Tories will now reconsider.

Here’s wishing Australia the best of luck in its journey toward full, equal rights!