Here are all the fantastically amazing entries posted during August, 2012

The city of Lethbridge, Alberta has been plastered with homophobic and racist graffiti, resulting in a citywide cleanup effort. Still, the fact that this story actually made national news is a pretty good indicator of the awesome progress being made in Canada, don’t you think?

Bad Blood, a documentary film about the ban on blood donations from gay men, looks like it’s well worth checking out. Although I have to wonder… If Canadian Blood Services were to screen the documentary like they screen their blood, do you think they’d give it zero stars even if it passed the advance screening surveys? You know, because the director is gay.

Pastor Says To Kidnap Kids of Gay Parents

August 13th, 2012

Brian Fischer gets abducted by aliens as part of the just Skyward Railroad.

Bryan Fischer, a U.S. pastor, has called for an organized plan to kidnap children from same-sex parents and deliver them to opposite-sex households as part of a modern-day “underground railroad.”

When it was pointed out that this plan would be illegal, Fischer replied: “So was the underground railroad.”

Hmm… I don’t suppose there’s an underground neural-road available to surgically liberate brains from those who clearly have no use of them and deliver them to starving zombies? Because I think an underused brain has just revealed itself.

Statistics, incidentally, have shown that children of same-sex parents actually tend to fair better than those of opposite-parents. This isn’t because same-sex parents are inherently better at parenting than opposite-sex couples, of course. It’s just that gay parents don’t have unplanned children, eliminating a segment that skews toward troubled upbringings.

Housing Discrimination Courtesy of Rental Diva

August 6th, 2012

A diva-wannabe boldly announces "Plenty of divas have survived without the gay community."

Rental Diva, an unlicensed rental agency in Brampton Ontario, is likely to face a human rights tribunal after turning away clients because they’re gay.

Thiago Derucio and Christ Prentice called Juliet Stewart—operator of Rental Diva—about a basement suite, but were promptly told they could not rent the property because the landlord had indicated that they did not wish to accommodate gays. (What, she has a database field for that sort of thing?)

This seems pretty open-and-shut to me. Not only is Rental Diva violating Ontario’s human rights code (with a rather lengthy chain of precedent against her favour), but she’s operating without a license. That’s pretty serious, and I can’t imagine this business will be around much longer.

Still, there are unanswered questions. For example, how is it possible that an agency called “Rental Diva” isn’t set up specifically to cater to gay apartment hunters? That would be like me setting up a business called “Christian Biblical Lodgings for Jesus” and then refusing to accommodate anyone wearing a crucifix.

I swear, these cases are getting weirder and weirder by the day.