Pastor Says To Kidnap Kids of Gay Parents

August 13th, 2012

Brian Fischer gets abducted by aliens as part of the just Skyward Railroad.

Bryan Fischer, a U.S. pastor, has called for an organized plan to kidnap children from same-sex parents and deliver them to opposite-sex households as part of a modern-day “underground railroad.”

When it was pointed out that this plan would be illegal, Fischer replied: “So was the underground railroad.”

Hmm… I don’t suppose there’s an underground neural-road available to surgically liberate brains from those who clearly have no use of them and deliver them to starving zombies? Because I think an underused brain has just revealed itself.

Statistics, incidentally, have shown that children of same-sex parents actually tend to fair better than those of opposite-parents. This isn’t because same-sex parents are inherently better at parenting than opposite-sex couples, of course. It’s just that gay parents don’t have unplanned children, eliminating a segment that skews toward troubled upbringings.