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Frequently Asked Questions

Or, at least, what I think will be Frequently Asked Questions

So, what’s all this, then?
This is a website. It’s basically just a bunch of binary-encoded text and markup, wrapped in an HTTP header, and sent to you via multiple TCP/IP packets.
At a higher semantic level, this is an equal rights and anti-homophobia site. I read some news that either a) bothers me because it’s stupidly anti-gay, or b) delights me because it’s not stupidly anti-gay. Then I illustrate it. Poorly, usually.
Is all the news here about Canada?
I’ll post important international stuff, but I try to keep things focused on the country I live in. As you’ll soon see, Canada isn’t always the peaceful haven of tolerance that many assume.
What time, exactly, do you post updates?
Why, 6:00 AM Eastern Time, of course! It’s not arbitrary at all, really.
Why don’t you post more often?
Gee whiz, question asker! I’m not a machine!
You linked to an anti-gay site! Why are you supporting them?
If an anti-gay site has some relevant news that isn’t reported elsewhere, I’ll link to them as a reference. I wouldn’t want you guys and gals to think I’m making this stuff up, after all. Truly hateful sites, though, won’t ever receive a link from me. Ever, ever.
An anti-gay ad appeared on your site!
Ad content is chosen automatically based on various keywords on the site, without any sort of approval from me. If an anti-gay ad appears, let me know the website address that it’s advertising and I’ll do my best to block it. I don’t want to keep these servers running with dirty, dirty money, after all!
Why don’t you allow comments on each post?
As much as I’d love to invite anonymous strangers to add content to this site whenever they wish, I’m just not that keen on moderating through spam and trolls. Feel free to share your thoughts with Twitter, Slap’s Facebook page, or Google+ page.
What popular media has Slap been featured in?
Ah, my most frequently asked question! (cough.)
In addition to a brief monthly column in Canada’s OUTLooks magazine, Slap has been featured in The National Post, Vancouver Sun, Montréal Gazette, and Calgary’s Swerve Magazine—the latter featuring an original Slap illustration as the cover. Slap was also a regular feature in London, England’s Qwer magazine during its run. Smashing!
Media Scaps
What awards has Slap won?
Thanks to my fantastic readers, Slap has been voted the Best GLBT Blog in Canada at the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Canadian Blog Awards! (That’s four consecutive years!) Slap also won the best Photo/Art Blog of 2009, the Third-Best Blog Post of 2009, the Second-Best Blog Post of 2008, and the Third-Best Art Blog of 2008.
So do your drawings actually resemble their real-life counterparts?
I think the real-life counterparts have crisper lines and more accurate shading and colour.
Can I re-publish something of yours?
As much as I enjoy having people share my drawings without context on some random MySpace page at my own bandwidth expense, I think you’d better drop me an official request before you use anything.
You’ve been re-published out of context on an anti-gay message board!
Since I report on homophobic news, it’s pretty easy to take my drawings out of context. While I hope that most people would respect my intellectual property and moral rights to it, some choose not to. For now, try to bask in the irony that groups who consider themselves to have high ethical standards are violating international copyright laws.
Can I link to your site?
I’d like to shower you with gifts.
Why, I couldn’t possibly accept anything from my amazon.ca wish list.
Who are you, anyway?
I’m Mark, 31, living in Montréal, Canada. Thanks for asking!

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