Let’s Put It In Writing

You’ve signed the petition, so why write a letter?

Slap Into Action started as a letter-writing campaign. Exodus Global Alliance is reaping tax benefits as a registered charity in Canada for attempting to “cure” gay people, but as if that’s not bad enough, for the past ten years Exodus Global Alliance has been dishonestly hiding their principal activity from the Canada Revenue Agency.

On their website, Exodus’ opening sentence describes themselves as “proclaiming that change is possible for the homosexual,” but when reporting to the CRA, they describe themselves as follows, in just 30 words, without mentioning homosexuality once: “Educating and training in dealing with abuse and family issues. Developing ministries to help families and individuals in pain. Teaching church groups, schools and youth. Helping and teaching at conferences.”

Let’s tell the CRA know what Exodus is really about, and let’s do it en masse!

  1. Contact the Canada Revenue Agency and let them know your concerns! Read the post that started it all for inspiration. If you still don’t know what to say, use the example letter at the bottom of this post.
    • Send an email to the Compliance Division of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorat: CharitiesComplianceDivisi.LPRA@cra-arc.gc.ca.
    • Mail a written letter to the Office of the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner at the Canada Revenue Agency using the addresses in the above post.
    • Phone the Charities Directorate at 1-800-267-2384 and ask for your concerns to be directed to the Charities Compliance Division
  2. Let your representatives know what’s going on.
    • Contact the Minister of the Canada Revenue Agency. Even though he’s a Conservative MP, this is a matter of science and expert consensus, not politics.
    • Contact your local MP. The Parliament of Canada website has a search form that will retrieve their contact information by entering your postal code. Let them know that Exodus has slipped through the CRA’s stringent rules on public benefit, and that this not only must be fixed, but new assurances are required to ensure it never happens again.

Since starting the letter writing campaign in September, hundreds of letters and emails have been sent out alerting the Canada Revenue Agency to Exodus Global Alliance’s true activities. Of particular note, in early November, an important joint letter was sent to the CRA on behalf of numerous, accredited medical professionals. Signatories included doctors, psychologists, academics, psychiatrists, and even the head of psychiatry at a large city hospital. The letter, written by Stuart Holtby, MD, is available here for you to read and distribute to even more professionals, if you have such connections.

But we can’t stop now. Until the Canada Revenue Agency has revoked Exodus’ charitable status, we can’t give up. Write your letter today!

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