The Medical Consensus

Medical professionals unequivocally agree: Exodus is doing harm

In early November, the following letter, written by Stuart Holtby, MD, was sent to the deputy commissioner of the CRA enclosed with the signatures of numerous medical professionals. This included doctors, psychologists, academics, psychiatrists, and even the head of psychiatry for a major city hospital.

If you would have liked to sign this letter, don’t let the fact that it has already been sent stop you. Circulate it anew and add your voice to the medical consensus.

Ms. Linda Lizotte-MacPherson
Deputy Commissioner of the CRA
7th Floor 555 MacKenzie Avenue
Ottawa ON K1A 0L5

Dear Ms. Lizotte-Macpherson,

Re: Rescinding charitable status for Exodus Global Alliance

In our opinion Exodus Global Alliance, a registered charity in Canada, does not meet the Canada Revenue Agency’s criterion that it provide a public benefit.

The primary activities of this organization are to promote the idea that homosexuality is a mental disorder and to use dubious methods to try to convince homosexuals and bisexuals that they are just misguided heterosexuals.

These concepts and therapies are not supported by any peer reviewed research, and are not endorsed by any Canadian or American medical and psychological organization. It has been recognized since the 1970s that homosexuality and bisexuality are not medical or psychological disorders. The American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and many other groups, have issued official statements that with the “treatments” promoted and implemented by organizations such as Exodus Global Alliance are not only ineffective at their stated goals but, more importantly, may result in serious psychological harm.

Canadian physicians see a large number of sexually normal people in our practices – normal people with heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual orientations. People with homosexual and bisexual orientations are harmed by the prejudice and misinformation about sexuality that is actively promoted by Exodus Global Alliance, and the people they “treat” are often directly harmed.

Harming Canadian citizens and contributing to prejudice and misunderstanding is not beneficial to the public.

We strongly recommend that you have Exodus Global Alliance’s charitable status rescinded immediately.

sincerely, (signatory list attached)

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