Petition to revoke Exodus’ charitable status in Canada

Exodus Global Alliance, a U.S.-based "ex-gay" organisation, is reaping tax benefits in Canada for attempting to "cure" gay people.

Other countries, most recently New Zealand, have rejected tax benefits for "ex-gay" organisations. They recognised the long-standing consensus in the medical and psychological community that homosexuality is not a disorder and cannot be "cured." Yet Exodus Global Alliance is operating in Canada as a registered charity. This means they don't pay taxes, and all tax-free donations they receive are deductible.

Exodus' activities are not supported by the medical and psychological community. Several respected organisations, incuding the American Medical Assocation and the American Psychological Association, have even issued statements attesting that these activities can result in serious psychological harm.

We, the undersigned, understand that the activities being performed in Canada by Exodus Global Alliance are not only reprehensible, but also do not meet the criteria of a public benefit as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency.

For these reasons, and in the interest of all Canadians, we demand that Exodus Global Alliance’s charitable status be re-evaluated immediately, in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency’s public benefit criteria.


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Alex Lassen


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Dominick Ruggiero

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I know 2 people who underwent Exodus' "cure". One is still gay, the other committed suicide.

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Hans Cronau

Caitlin HIlton

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Caitlin Strong:
The only thing I can say is this: thank God my family is supportive. This is disgusting.

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sexuality is NOT a choice.

Elizabeth A. Knott:
This is an unacceptable thing to do on all levels. I'd like to give the founder of that charity a good "Slap Upside the Head"

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