Slap Into Action Sidebar Badge

Help spread the word from your own website

If you have a blog or website and are concerned that Canada’s charity laws are being abused by ex-gay organisations, help spread the word by adding this badge, created by the late Bruce McDonald, to your website:

"Curing" gays isn't charity. Click for more.

To add it, simply copy the HTML code below and paste it directly into your site’s sidebar, or your site’s HTML sidebar widget (if your sidebar is widget-based):

<a href=""><img src="" title="Slap Into Action" alt="&quot;Curing&quot; gays isn’t charity. Click for more."></a>

Thank you, Bruce McDonald

This sidebar badge was the idea of the late Bruce McDonald, a fellow GLBT blogger from Canuck Attitude. Bruce’s work on assembling the above image was his final communication with me before he died in early December. I’m extremely grateful for his enthusiasm and suggestions for the Slap Into Action campaign. You were a great blogger, an indispensable friend, and you’ll be missed terribly. Rest in peace.

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