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Right-Wing Lobby Group Blasts Museum

February 20th, 2008

Human Rights Museum Mob

Gwen Landolt of REAL Women of Canada, an anti-gay lobby group, has sent out an action alert about a proposed Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Human Rights Museum, which is still in its planning stages, has been somewhat of a sore spot for many social conservatives who oppose the inclusion of gay and women’s rights among the exhibits. When the museum was proposed, LifeSite called it a “Temple of Propaganda,” saying that its supporters have “made a monster of the word tolerance, [have] raped the word gay, and [have] beheaded the term human rights.” Extreme social conservatives have been quietly steaming ever since.

An interesting thing happened last week, though. The Conservative government tabled a bill that would make the Human Rights Museum a Crown corporation. While the government had already invested one hundred million dollars in the project, this bill will put the museum alongside such institutes as the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Gwen Landolt is furious:

The Advisory Committee for the Museum, selected by the former Liberal government, consisted mainly of feminist, homosexual and regular Liberal stand-bys […]

[The] museum, with its left-wing Advisory Board, would be used as a powerful tool to champion the Liberal government’s interpretation of human rights, such as abortion rights, feminism, homosexuality, etc. with only some legitimate exhibits sprinkled here and there to give the museum the appearance of legitimacy.

With the museum’s transition to a Crown corporation, and with the Conservative government’s continued support of the project, Gwen demands that as many people as possible “with a conservative perspective” use the government’s public consultation form to oppose gay rights exhibits, and instead promote exhibits that showcase the “selfless dedication” of “those defending the family and traditional marriage.”

A bizarre request, considering that nine consecutive court rulings and two federal House votes sided with supporters of equal marriage for gay couples.

Gwen’s crankiness aside, she has actually highlighted a unique opportunity to give some input into our Human Rights Museum. Why not take this opportunity and let the museum planners know what’s important to you when it comes to human rights?

Hat tip to JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie, who actually subjects herself to Gwen’s mailing list in order to get the inside scoop.

Lobbyist Issues Global Apology For Gay Marriage

April 27th, 2007

Gwen Landolt Apology

I wonder what Gwen Landolt is up to these days. As you may know, Gwen is the spokeswoman for REAL Women of Canada, a delightfully persistent anti-gay lobby group formed in the early 80s. And since same-sex marriage is settled and here to stay, she must have moved on to something else, right?

Wait—no, no. I must’ve spoken too soon. It looks like she’s penned a formal apology to the world, on behalf of Canadians, for the same-sex marriage legislation. Observe our moment of quiet humility:

[We] apologize to the people of the world for harm done through Canada’s legalization of homosexual marriage. We are grieved and troubled as we consider the impact this is having in weakening the fundamental institution of marriage in countries and cultures around the world. […]

Our warning to you, the people of the world, is to learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in your own countries. Forewarned should be forearmed.

Such passion… As one of the people of the world, I assure you: a tear has been shed. The effects of same-sex marriage must’ve been far more perilous than just letting guys like me wed. (sniff.)

Oh well.

Hey, do you think this apology means REAL Women has given up its hysterical anti-gay lobbying efforts? Why, it hasn’t even been four years since equal marriage blew up all of Canada’s families and ensured the systemic collapse of society. (Or so I’ve been told.) I mean, if Gwen—and all the other lobbyists—quit, who will be left to feature on this site?

Anti-Gay Lobby Keeps On Truckin’

December 11th, 2006


Well, Stephen Harper has officially announced that he considers the same-sex marriage issue settled. Well, finally! But, gee, I wonder what the anti-gay lobby is up to today? Let’s go check.

It’s the Anti-Gay Lobby Press Release Roundup!

Hey, is that Gwen and the REAL Women of Canada over there? I hear they’re doing quite well after they successfully lobbied to scrap the court challenges program. Let’s take a peek at what they’re releasing to the press, shall we?

Elitist political leaders apparently believe that Canada is still in the twentieth century, where political parties ignored the opinion of the voting public. Arrogant political leaders do not, in fact, know what’s best for everyone.

Ah, yes—yes, if anyone should be deciding what’s best for everyone, it should not be political leaders. Special interest group leaders know much better! And, although polls indicate that a whopping 76% of Canadians did not want same-sex marriage re-opened, that’s totally not representative of the voting public! I mean, what about all those embittered old folks? Weren’t they the only ones that voted?

Ah, but why don’t we take a peek at what Charles and his wacky Canadian Family Action Coalition are doing?

The people of Canada are not going to let this go, because marriage is too important an institution to just let it evaporate because of the emotions of a few people in Parliament

Interesting stuff! I didn’t know that “a few people in parliament” corresponds to a wide-margined majority of exactly 175, but I guess I kinda see what he’s saying. That 175 wide-margined majority was totally just uninformed emotion.

Hey, do you think these two groups have issued a joint press release? That would be, like, a dream come true!

Since the Canadian public has been denied a voice on the issue of same-sex marriage, a very persuasive argument can be made for a referendum on the same-sex marriage issue. […] The time for a referendum has now arrived.

Wow; a referendum! Those are hard enough to get when the prime minister actually wants one. You guys just don’t give up! Well, good for you! Keep reaching for that star. You know, the one that fizzled out way back 1916, but the light is just reaching you now. It’s a pointless exercise, for sure, but keep at it! You’ll at least keep your shoulder joints active.

Government to Gays: Go Fund Yourself!

September 8th, 2006

Boxes of Spiders

Goodness knows why, but anti-gay lobbyists and the new conservative government are now trying their hardest to scrap The Court Challenge program. The program, run by the oft-attacked Heritage department, was set up to help fund groups that wish to challenge potentially unconstitutional laws. It has been awarded in the past to several minority representation groups, such as EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere), aboriginal groups, groups for persons with disabilities, and LEAF (The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund).

Gwen Landolt, representative for the anti-gay group REAL Women of Canada was practically foaming at the mouth that anyone would dare challenge the fairness of a law:

[The Court Challenge program] is a boondoggle for special-interest groups with a certain ideological perspective. Only one side of the argument gets the money.

Uh, no, Gwen. Any group can get the money, but it has to be used to challenge unconstitutional laws. You know, the kind that you’re always pushing for? Why, even you’d be able to use it, if there were a law against hysterical right-wing social conservative groups using the word “boondoggle.” Which there isn’t.

Gwen, along with (anti) Justice Minister Extraordinare, Vic Toews, also said the program should be reviewed because it’s shrouded in secrecy (ooooo). In reality, the details of how much funding is allocated to which group is not disclosed because of a law protecting solicitor-client confidentiality.

Thankfully, the Canadian Bar Association (who actually studies law for a living) defended the program, saying it plays “a vital role in increasing access to justice for marginalized and vulnerable groups.” Good stuff.

Lobby Group Explodes Over Gay Film Festival

September 6th, 2006

Film Festival

The Vancouver Queer Film Festival, a prominent LGBT arts media event, was met with great success last month, thanks very much to a standard grant from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Strangely, the success and funding somehow isn’t sitting well with the anti-gay lobby group, REAL Women of Canada. Spokeswoman Gwen Landolt (who scoured the film listings to publicize such gems as: “Deconstructing Crack Ho” and “Toilet Sex in Canadian Cinema”) had these kind words:

The films [in the festival] are simply degenerate and degrading to humanity. There is no artistry there, the films are used as a political statement against established social mores, a way of showing contempt, of saying “we don’t have to be held to normal standards of behaviour.”

Wow, I know exactly what you mean. When I was at the festival, instead of watching “Pride and Prejudice: LGBT Struggles for Human Rights” I must’ve accidentally walked into “Horrifyingly Gratuitous Debauchery” back-to-back with “Look At Me; I’m Going Potty On Your Family’s Lawn!” It was so awful; both were being force-fed to unwilling parishioners and impressionable children by drug addicts and activist judges. Why did you fund this film festival, Department of Canadian Heritage? Why?

Ahem… Landolt then attacked the Heritage department for having promoted tolerance in the past.

The Heritage department is filled with problems. The department has got to be examined; it’s a disgrace. In the public accounts of 2004-2005, the department issued $112,800 in funding to EGALE [Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere], for the purpose of “furthering participation in Canadian society.” Was that really necessary?

Oh; that was a question. Let’s see, was the funding for equality organizations really necessary? Well, as long as groups like yours, Gwen, spend every waking minute pressuring our lawmakers to ensure that gays and lesbians are devoid of rights, culture, and their constitutional freedom as a citizen to make whatever freakin’ arts films they want—yes! It is really necessary.

Thankfully, the Department of Canadian Heritage has a good sense of reality. Spokeswoman Dominique Collin, had this to say:

Through their Festival, the [Vancouver Out On Screen Film Society] presents a wide range of culturally diverse media arts and attempts to bring the issues and experiences of the LGBT communities into the mainstream, fostering acceptance and understanding.

Right on. Do you think it’s working?

Harper to Introduce Anti-Gay Bill

April 12th, 2006

Harper's To-Do List

Newly elected prime minister Stephen Harper (or little Bush—that adorable tyke), has vowed to introduce legislation revoking same-sex marriage in Canada. Although this bill would be unconstitutional and only 30% of Canadians polled said they want it to happen, he’s still trying his best. He’s such a little trooper!

Of course, the anti-gay crazies are positively salivating at the opportunity to get all “holier than thou” on our collective ass again. Gwen Landolt of the right-wing Christian lobby group, REAL Women of Canada, was busy pretending that society had been thrust into chaos since the equal marriage law. Chaos!

What about the question of clergy? What are their rights? And what are the rights of children?

Gee, those are, uh, good questions, Gwen. Just let me fiddle with the dials on my super go backwards in time machine where you can get them all settled… again.