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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a formal objection to a proposed kind of website address ending in .gay. The complaint asserts that the new top level domain name would offend their culture. Personally, I just wonder what the difference between google.com and google.gay would be. Perhaps the logo would be even more rainbowy.

New Internet Policy Might Ban Gay Web Communities

March 21st, 2007

Domain Name Registration

Given the rate that .com names are snaffled up, wouldn’t it be cool if gay-friendly websites could be registered in a special “.gay” community? Well, don’t count on it!

Due to increasing political pressure, ICANN, the organisation responsible for domain name policies, is introducing severe new restrictions on what words can be used for top-level domain names. In particular, if even one country objects to a certain word or phrase, then that term would be banned from use until that country’s government is satisfied. But, hey, I’m sure international grievances are resolved quickly nowadays, right?

So, which countries might object to “slapupsidethehead.gay?” I guess I could think of at least one