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U.S. Challenges Canadian Same-Sex Marriages

March 5th, 2008

Same-Sex Marriage Just Married Bumper

Monroe County in New York State is appealing last month’s court ruling that declared Canadian same-sex marriages must be recognized in the state.

Maggie Brooks, a Republican official, called the five-judge, unanimous court ruling a “misinterpretation of the law,” adding “we’re letting people in Ontario, Canada define marriage for people who live in New York State.”

Patricia Martinez and her wife, Lisa Golden, brought the original case to court after Partricia’s employer refused to extend spousal health benefits to Lisa. While they aren’t surprised that the Republicans are trying to take such basic legal equalities away, they say they’ll always have each other:

We still view our marriage as legitimate. No court decision will devalue or negate what our marriage means to us.

Good on you! I wish them the best of luck.

NY Appeals Court Upholds Canadian Marriages

February 4th, 2008

Health Plan

After a three year battle, an appeals court in New York has ruled that Canadian same-sex marriages are valid in the state and must be respected by company spousal health plans.

The ruling means that Patricia Martinez—a supervisor at Monroe Community College in Rochester—may now extend spousal benefits to her wife, Lisa Ann Golden, just like any heterosexual employee. Patricia sued the college for these benefits in 2005, but a lower court sided with the college, arguing that the couple’s Canadian same-sex marriage was not a real marriage.

After the appeals ruling, several hundred thousand traditional families throughout the state spontaneously detonated.