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If you speak French, you’re in for a real treat from this group of protestors in France. And if you don’t, I think you’ll find that the clip transcends language into something that is universally mockable.

A crowd of about 200 appeared in Queen’s Park, Ontario yesterday, protesting provincial legislation that will help eliminate anti-gay bullying in schools. This rally also marked the unveiling of some brand new terminology to be used by the anti-gay lobby, as a spokesperson began referring to Gay-Straight Alliances as “homosexual sex clubs.” The protesters then unexpectedly switched topics to rally against school-time “kidnapping, murder, and treason gangs,” previously known as chess clubs.

Pope’s Visit To Be Gayly Protested

October 29th, 2010

The pope, in his pope mobile, surrounded by kissing gay couples, shields his eyes and cries "My eyes! The pope shield does nothing!"

The world’s most famous gay-disliker, Pope Benedict XVI, is being toted about Europe in his Popemobile™ this autumn, including a stopover in Barcelona. And while he’s poping it up Spanish style, he’ll be treated to quite the spectacle!

On November 7th, an organization called Queer Kissing Flashmob, has invited people from across Spain to come and protest the pope’s backward views on gays and women by locking a little same-sex lip. If all goes according to plan, while the Popemobile™ popes his popiness from the Plaza de la Catedral to the Sagrada Familia, he’ll be surrounded by hundreds of men and women, all gay-kissing each other.

Not one to be outdone, the pope is reportedly sharpening his laser-like gaze in preparation for the glowering of a lifetime. Fortunately, even the most accomplished glowerer is powerless when his subjects’ eyes are closed in a passionate and super-hot, gay kiss.

Best of luck to the organizers! May your Queer Kissing Flashmob be the queerest, kissingest, flashiest mob yet!

Gay Couple Arrested For Kissing

August 1st, 2007

Gay Romans

Two gay men were arrested in Rome after they shared a kiss outside the Colosseum. Gay rights organizations are now protesting the incident by holding a mass “protest kiss” at the same location, August 2nd.

Cool idea; it reminds me of something I saw painted on old pottery the last time I was in Rome.

Pray For Liberal MPs: Christian Group

July 17th, 2006

Pray For MPs

Nothing productive to do last weekend? Wish you could have found something other than the ol’ Saturday-afternoon reruns to waste your time? Then perhaps you should have joined the nearly 5000 Christians who travelled to Parliament Hill on Saturday to pray for Liberal MPs to overturn the same-sex marriage!

Oh, boy. An endlessly fun pray-in was organized by the Christian lobby group, “4 My Canada,” who, in addition to mass-wishing for anti-gay legislation, also arranged prayers to increase the age of sexual consent and outlaw abortions. Organizer Christina Groot, from Vancouver, hinted that they’re not out to berate MPs with different ideologies, just pray for their souls.

The Bible instructs believers to honour and pray for those in authority. We’re not pointing the finger at our politicians. We really honour them as our leaders, and I think that’s a rare thing for them.

To make this “pray away the gays” event even more riveting, a loudspeaker system was hauled out so attendants could chant exciting (yet semantically vacant) slogans like “In the name of Jesus, we take back our sexual purity!”

No word on if a spontaneous lightning ball struck gay marriage from the law books immediately afterward, but if it didn’t, perhaps some research into multi-dimensional, electromagnetic space folding could help.

Anti-Gays Don’t Hold Protest

May 8th, 2006

How to Not Hold a Protest

The not-so-influential lobby group, Attack Gay Marriage, uh, “Defend Traditional Marriage,” was protesting outside governement offices in Ontario last week—or so it would look at first glance. When asked about the protest, spokesperson Jack Fonseca responded “This is not a protest.” Instead, he indicated that it was a “positive rally.”

The protes—oops… positive rally included a handful of people carrying megaphones and signs with phrases like “Notwithstanding Clause: Use it, Mr. Harper,” referring to the never-before-used-in-federal-politics clause that can make otherwise unconstitutional laws legal for a period of 5 years. The pr—ositive rallyers want the clause used so they can ban same-sex marriage in Canada without facing constitutional challanges. Yeah, that’s being positive…

Now, pardon me a moment. My neighbours above seem to have stopped defending the tranquility of soundlessness. Just listen to them walking around like that! They need to be more pro-quiescent; I’m going to rally for their support.